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Nagoya Japan Tourist Highlights

Nagoya Castle Nagoya Japan

Nagoya is Japan’s 3rd largest city after Tokyo (including Yokohama) and Osaka with around 2.3 million people. Nagoya is located west of Tokyo, 100 minutes away from Tokyo by the Shinkansen Bullet Train. Nagoya is a pleasant city, not as

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Best Bars in Shinjuku with great views over Tokyo

The Best Bar in Tokyo

Where do you go for some great bars in Tokyo with amazing views over the Tokyo skyline? I think the best place to go is Nishi-Shinjuku (West Shinjuku) also referred to as Skyscraper City. Just west of Shinjuku train station,

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Food you have to try when visiting Nagoya Japan

Tebasaki Spicy Chicken Wings

All regions of Japan have specialty food which the region is famous for. Nagoya has a few specialty food dishes which are famous all over Japan. If you ask someone from Nagoya which food you have to try when you

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Best Indian Food in Tokyo Japan

Best Indian Restaurant in Tokyo

I have eaten at plenty of Indian restaurants in Tokyo and they are generally really good, serving good quality, traditional Indian food. I visit Tokyo 2 – 3 times a year and stay at least 2 weeks and often longer

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Muthu’s Curry Restaurant Little India Singapore

The food at Muthu's Curry Indian Restaurant Singapore

I went out for dinner with my Indian friend and his wife and they chose for us to go to Muthu’s Curry Restaurant as they said it was their favourite Indian Restaurant in Singapore. Muthu’s Curry Restaurants have been serving

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