Best Burgers in Parramatta

I have been on a mission to find The Best Burgers in Parramatta. It is a tough job but someone has to do it. I still have many burger joints in Parramatta to try but here are the best burgers in Parramatta I have found so far.

Wagyu Deluxe Burger at the Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

Wagyu Beef Burger at the Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

Wagyu Beef Burger at the Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

The Woolpack Hotel has the honor of holding the oldest Pub licence in Australia, with one of the first 10 licences issued in Australia back in 1776. It has been recently renovated with a new bistro out the back of the pub. I went in September 2022 to try their Wagyu Deluxe Burger ($18) and it is a sensational burger! With a large Wagyu Beef BBQ basted patty, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion and a very tangy burger sauce, this rightfully sits at the top of my list of the Best Burgers in Parramatta.

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BL Burgers

BL Beef Burger at BL Burgers Parramatta

BL Burgers have the tastiest Burgers I have tried in Parramatta. A small burger joint in Church Street Mall, just down from the Parramatta Town Hall, just a few minutes walk from Parramatta station.
I had their standard BL Burger which comes with a beef patty, American cheese, tomato, lettuce and BL sauce.
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Milky Lane

Tasty smashed burger at Milky Lane Parramatta

Tasty smashed burger at Milky Lane Parramatta

Milky Lane is a very cool burger joint decked out like an American Diner.
They serve up the very popular smashed burger. I had their Milky Lane Burger ($18) which comes with 2 smashed beef patties, double American melted cheese, fresh tomato, diced onions, pickles, lettuce, Milky Lane Sauce and Ketchup.. A very tasty burger in a very cool restaurant.
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Flipp Burgers

Tasty Burger at Flipp Burgers Church Street Parramatta

Tasty Burger at FlippBurgers Church Street Parramatta

Flipp Burgers is small burger joint on Church Street Parramatta as well as in Westfield’s Parramatta. I think these ate as the best looking burgers in Parramatta.
All the burgers at Flipp Burgers are Halal. They got 16 different burgers to choose from. Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Vegetarian.
I had their standard Flipp Burger which comes with a grass fed Angus Beef patty, American cheese with Flipp sauce, pickles, tomato and oak lettuce on a milk bun. A very simple and very tasty burger.
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The search is ongoing to find the Best Burgers in Parramatta. As I try more and rate them worthy to be on the Best list I will add them here.

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