Best Fish and Chips in Barangaroo Sydney CBD

Costi’s Fish and Chips in Barangaroo’s The Canteen Food court serve up some of the best fish and chips you will find all over the Sydney CBD. This is one popular lunch time food venue with many people heading down for a regular serve of their excellent fish and chips.

Best Fish and Chips in Barangaroo Sydney

Best Fish and Chips in Barangaroo Sydney

The Canteen is a large food court located on the ground floor of the Tower 2 Barangaroo, just 5 minutes walk from Wynyard Train Station.

As well as their delicious deep fried fish, they also do grilled fish, calamari, some very tasty potato scallops and have an excellent selection of salads. Instead of the chips with your deep fried fish, you could have fish and salad or fish with salad and chips.

Salad at Costi's Fish and Chips Barangaroo

Salad at Costi’s Fish and Chips Barangaroo

The fish and chips at Costi’s costs $11.90, which is your standard Barangaroo inflated prices. You could go to the Westpac Place Food court and get fish and chips for $9.90 from Urban Park Seafood. While Urban Park Seafood do serve up some nice fish and chips, the fish and chips from Costi’s is the best in Sydney CBD!

Awesome Fish and Chips at Costi's Barangaroo

Awesome Fish and Chips at Costi’s Barangaroo

Costi’s Fish and Chips
The Canteen
Tower Two International Towers Sydney
200 Barangaroo Ave
Barangaroo Sydney

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday


Best Fish and Chips at Costis The Canteen Barangaroo

Best Fish and Chips at Costis The Canteen Barangaroo

Check out the location of Cost’s Fish and Chips at The Canteen Barangaroo

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