Best Meat Pies in Cairns – Meldrum’s Bakery Cafe

Are you looking for the best meat pies in Cairns? Then get down to Meldrum’s Bakery Cafe located on Grafton Street close to the centre of Cairns city centre. This is a great bakery that make all their own meat pies, sausage rolls, cakes and pastries onsite. This place is always busy with locals going to get their fix of good quality, tasty, Aussie meat pies.

Meldrum's Bakery Grafton Street Cairns

Meldrum’s Bakery Grafton Street Cairns

Meat pies in Meldrum's Bakery Grafton Street Cairns

Meat pies in Meldrum’s Bakery Grafton Street Cairns

I went in to try their meat pies and was blown away with them. These are the best meat pies I have eaten in years! I ordered the classic chunky steak meat pie which was awesome. The pastry is so flaky and the gravy in the pie is full of flavour. The meat inside is just like the name of the pie – chunky. This is good quality North Queensland beef, the best in the world!

Chunky Steak Pie from Meldrum's Bakery

Chunky Steak Pie from Meldrum’s Bakery

Chunky Steak Pie

Chunky Steak Pie

I wanted to also get my all time favourite pie, the meat and potato pie with mashed potato on top but they had already run out of these, so I went for the curry steak pie. This was as good as the first pie, nice chunks of Aussie beef and the gravy had an awesome curry flavour, not overpowering but spicy enough to give it a nice kick,

Curry Steak pie from Meldrum's Bakery

Curry Steak pie from Meldrum’s Bakery

These are big meat pies, very filling. I thought I would easily knock back 2 pies for lunch but I struggled finishing the 2 pies. I reckon 1 pie and a nice lamington would have been the perfect lunch.

They also got a great range of cakes, muffins and pastries which all looked delicious but I did not get the chance to try these as the pies wee so filling,, I would not have had room in my belly. A good reason to get back to Cairns.

Cakes at Meldrum's Bakery Cairns

Cakes at Meldrum’s Bakery Cairns

Best Meat Pies in Cairns

Best Meat Pies in Cairns

Meldrum’s Bakery Cafe
97 Grafton Street
Cairns City


Check out the location of Meldrum’s Bakery Cafe in Cairns

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