Best Seafood at Cairns Marina Waterfront

There are some awesome restaurants along the Cairns Marina waterfront, most serving fresh Australian seafood, caught in the waters of Far North Queensland. For the coolest restaurant for fresh seafood, forget about the restaurants next to the waterfront, go to Prawn Star which is an old prawn trawler boat sitting right on the water.

Fresh Seafood at Cairns Marina

Fresh Seafood at Cairns Marina

Prawn Star is a very cool place to sit and eat the freshest seafood at Cairns Marina. Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, you can get a great seafood feed at a reasonable price.

They have 2 boats at the marina. The first boat is the kitchen were your choice of prawns, bugs, crayfish and oysters are cooked up to your liking. The 2nd boat tied up to the first is the dining boat where you sit back and enjoy your fresh seafood and wash it down with a nice cold beer. How good is that!

Prawn Star Fresh Seafood at Cairns Marina

Prawn Star Fresh Seafood at Cairns Marina

Prawn Star Fresh Seafood
Pier Point Road
Marlin Marina
E31 Berth
Cairns City

Ph: 0497 007 225

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner from 11am – 9pm

Prawn Star Facebook page

Check out the location of the Prawn Star Seafood

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