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Maisen Japanese Tonkatsu Restaurant Bangkok

Tonkatsu at Maisen Japanese Restaurant Bangkok

Maisen Tonkatsu Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Tokyo which now has opened a restaurant in Bangkok. The Maisen brand is renowned for some of the best quality Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets). I had already visited Masien Tonkatsu Restaurant in Tokyo

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Maisen Tonkatsu Restaurant Aoyama Tokyo

Tonkatsu at Maisen Restaurant Omotesando Tokyo

Maisen Tonkastu Restaurant is claimed to the be the first Tonkatsu restaurant in Japan. Maisen Tonkastu Restaurant is located in Aoayama Omotesando area of Tokyo. Omotesando is a high class shopping district of Tokyo, close to Shibuya, and just down

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Hamakatsu Tonkatsu Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

Tonkatsu at Hamakatsu Restaurant Shinjuku

I was searching for somewhere to have lunch in Shinjuku and was looking at the huge list of over 8000 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. Listed in the top 30 restaurants in Shinjuku was the Tonkatsu restaurant Namakatsu. Now I love

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Tonkatsu Wako Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

Tonkatsu pork cutlets in Tokyo

Tonkatsu is one of my favourite Japanese foods. To me it is real home cooked Japanese comfort food. Just simple deep fried pork cutlets but nothing is simple about Japanese food! I was in my hotel thinking about what I

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