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Hundreds of Flavours of Kit Kat in Japan

Hundreds of Kit Kat Flavours in Japan

I visit Tokyo a few times a year and every time I leave I always buy some Kit Kats at either Narita airport or Haneda airport. I do love the tasty chocolate wafers that are made by Nestle and available

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Sumo Wrestling in Japan

Sumo Wrestling Japan

Sumo Wrestling is an ancient Japanese sports and still one of the most popular sports in Japan. There are six Grand Sumo Tournaments in Japan each year, being held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. The schedule of Grand Sumo

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Should You Tip in Japan?

Should you tip in Japan?

It is always difficult to know where it is expected to leave a tip and in that country that expect a tip, how much should you leave? Well in Japan it is very simple as there is no tipping! In

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Nagoya Japan Tourist Highlights

Nagoya Castle Nagoya Japan

Nagoya is Japan’s 3rd largest city after Tokyo (including Yokohama) and Osaka with around 2.3 million people. Nagoya is located west of Tokyo, 100 minutes away from Tokyo by the Shinkansen Bullet Train. Nagoya is a pleasant city, not as

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Food you have to try when visiting Nagoya Japan

Tebasaki Spicy Chicken Wings

All regions of Japan have specialty food which the region is famous for. Nagoya has a few specialty food dishes which are famous all over Japan. If you ask someone from Nagoya which food you have to try when you

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