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BLG Gyoza Pub in Shinjuku Tokyo

Gyoza meal at BLG Gyoza Pub Shinjuku

BLG Gyoza Pub is a great little restaurant serving up delicious Japanese Gyoza dumplings. This small 31 seat restaurant is located in Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyo, just a few minutes walk from the western exit of Shinjuku Train Station. BLG stands for

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Dining with the Fishes in Shinjuku Tokyo at Den Aquaroom

Dining at Den Aquaroom Shinuku Tokyo

If you are looking for a nice relaxing restaurant in Shinjuku Tokyo, with a bit of a difference, then go and check out Den Aquaroom, located in Shinjuku Sanchome, just a short walk from the eastern exit of Shinjuku train

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Best Bars in Shinjuku with great views over Tokyo

The Best Bar in Tokyo

Where do you go for some great bars in Tokyo with amazing views over the Tokyo skyline? I think the best place to go is Nishi-Shinjuku (West Shinjuku) also referred to as Skyscraper City. Just west of Shinjuku train station,

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Best Hotels in Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

Best Hotels in Kabukicho Tokyo

Kabukicho is known as Tokyo’s red light district but it development in recent years is turning Kabukicho into a popular entertainment district with loads of great restaurants, bars and a huge cinema complex right in the heart of Kabukicho. Read

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Best Hotels in Shinjuku Tokyo

Shinjuku is one of the best areas of Tokyo to stay. With the massive Shinjuku Train station, it is easy to get to all other areas of Tokyo and with connections to the bullet trains to travel to other parts

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Beer and Yakitori in Tokyo

Omoide Yokocho Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

There are 10s of thousands of restaurants all over Tokyo to choose from though I think some of the best places to eat in Tokyo and the various drinking streets. There are a number of so called drinking streets which

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Cool Piano Jazz Bar in Shinjuku Tokyo

Vagabond Piano Bar Shinjuku

Vagabond Bar is a very cool piano bar located just 2 minutes walk from Shinjuku Train Station on the western side of the station. Vagabond Bar has been open since 1976 at the same location. Vagabond Bar is a small

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Robot Restaurant Kabukicho Tokyo

Take photos with the Robots

Tokyo has a lot of different themed restaurants like the Ninja Restaurant, Maid Cafes and the Robot Restaurant. Restaurants where you don’t just go to eat but enjoy some entertainment at the same time. The Robot Restaurant is a multi-million

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Cheap Eats in Tokyo – Where to get a cheap meal in Tokyo

Tokyo Cheap Eats

Tokyo can be an expensive city to eat out in. But there are still loads of cheap restaurants where you can get a meal for under 1000 Yen. I am going to show you 6 Japanese chain restaurants where you can

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Eating Japanese Katsu Curry in Tokyo

Japanese curry in Tokyo

When I visit Tokyo, one of my favourite Japanese comfort foods to eat is Japanese curry, and more specifically Katsu curry, that delicious Japanese curry with rice with a big slab of pork cutlet on top. When the weather in

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