Harrys Steak Bistro Burleigh Heads Gold Coast

Harry’s Steak Bistro in Burleigh Heads Gold Coast is a quality steak restaurant, a good place to come for a good meat feed. We rate Harry’s Steak Bistro up there with the Best Steak Restaurants on the Gold Coast.

Harry's Steak Bistro Burleigh Heads

Harry’s Steak Bistro Burleigh Heads

Harry’s menu is focused on the meat! The main menu has a choice of 4 steaks, 230g rump steak ($19.95), 270g scotch fillet steak ($29.95), 250g eye fillet steak ($39.95) and a 350g sirloin steak ($49.95). Each week they also have a special steak on offer which they refer to as ‘What Harry’s eating this week’.

Also on the main menu is a Wagyu cheeseburger ($19.95) or the Chicken Shnitzel burger ($19.95). They also serve up a chargrilled whole chicken ($29.95).
There are 10 entrees on the menu including fried chicken ($16), chargrilled mooloolaba prawns ($24), crispy fried calamari ($18), chargrilled octopus ($17) and same tasty charred lamb skewers ($22).

We went for the fried chicken to share as a entree and it came out and was not what we expected. We were expecting some deep fried chicken like some southern fried chicken but this a like a stir fried chicken topped with some marinated cucumber, spring onion and a dressing. it was still tasty but a bit disappointing when we werelooking forward to some deep fried chicken pieces.

Fried Chicken at Harrys Steak Bistro

Fried Chicken at Harrys Steak Bistro

For our steak mains we had a eye fillet and a scotch fillet. Both cooked to perfection, just the way we like it. The only thing I would have changed about the main meal is that they serve the steaks with a big dob of herbed butter on top. I just wish this had been on the side as half way through the steak, the butter had all melted and made the steak a bit greasy.

Eye Fillet Steak at Harry's Steak Bistro

Eye Fillet Steak at Harry’s Steak Bistro

Scotch Fillet Steak at Harrys

Scotch Fillet Steak at Harrys

The steak is served with a side salad and a bowl of unlimited frites (french fries!).

Chips at Harrys Steak Bistro

Chips at Harrys Steak Bistro

We could have asked for more chips but the serve was big enough for the 2 of us. We didn’t order any of the $9 sides which include onion rings, mash potato. There was no need for the expensive sides and we passed on the $3 sauces. The steaks at Harry’s are well seasoned and with the herb butter I don’t think these steaks need a sauce.

Dining room at Harrys Steak Bistro

Dining room at Harrys Steak Bistro

Expect to pay around $60 per person for a good meal at Harry’s. We paid $125 for 1 entree, 2 steaks and 2 beers each.

Harry’s Steak Bistro
1744 Gold Coast Hwy
Burleigh Heads
Ph: (07) 5535 2699

Open for dinner 7 days a week, open for lunch Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Monday to Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday to Sunday `12pm – 10pm

Website: harryssteakbistro.com.au

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