Hilton Hotel Luxury In Sydney City CBD

The Hilton Hotel in Sydney has one of the best locations of all hotels in the Sydney City CBD area. Located right in the heart of the city, just a few minutes walk to Town Hall Train Station.

Hilton Hotel Sydney

Hilton Hotel Sydney

The Hilton Hotel Sydney is a luxury 5 star hotel. Hilton recently sold the building to a Chinese investment company for $442 Million! Hilton will continue to lease the building so the Hilton Hotel will continue running at the same location.

The hotel under went a huge refurbishment in 2005. All rooms were updated and the foyer had a complete change. The hotel still has a new, fresh look. The rooms only have small windows though if you get a room down the front left hand side of the building you get excellent views straight down George Street towards Town Hall.

Rooms at the Hilton Hotel Sydney

Rooms at the Hilton Hotel Sydney

Room prices vary throughout the year, even different days of the week. You can get a room at the Sydney Hilton Hotel for as low as $228 for a stay on Sunday or Monday night. Prices go up during mid week for the business travellers and then higher Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During peak times like when there is a major sporting event or festival on in Sydney then the room prices can rocket to over $400 per night.

The hotel has all the extras that you would expect from a Hilton Hotel, 24 hour room service, cafe in the foyer, restaurants and a few bars to choose from and a gymnasium with a swimming pool directly below the hotel.

Gymnasium at Hilton Hotel Sydney

Gymnasium at Hilton Hotel Sydney

Restaurants close to the Sydney Hilton Hotel

If you are staying in the Hilton Hotel Sydney, then you have plenty of dining options just a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Within the Sydney Hilton Hotel are a few in house dining options. The one you must try is Glass Brasserie which is one of Luke Mangan’s many excellent restaurants in Australia and overseas. Definitely try the buffet breakfast at Glass as I reckon it is the best buffet breakfast in Sydney!

Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Hotel

Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Hotel

Outside of the hotel I can recommend these restaurants which are all within a few minutes walk:

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha during the day and al a carte Chinese / Cantonese at dinner time) – located on the top floor of the QVB Building, directly opposite the Hilton Hotel, across George Street.

Palace Chinese Restaurant located within the Picadilly Tower Mall which is directly across from the Hilton’s Pitt Street exit

For some of the best Chinese restaurants in Sydney then head to Sydney’s Chinatown which is only a 15 minute walk from the Hilton Hotel.

Kabuki Shoroko Japanese Restaurant 202 Clareance Street, located in a small arcarde just on the other side of the QVB Building.

The Cuban Place tapas restaurant, York Street Sydney. Just on the other side of QVB Building.

There are plenty of great restaurants and a large food court in the Sydney Westfields Shopping Centre at Pitt Street Mall. Walk out the back exit of Hilton onto Pitt Street, turn left and Westfields is just on the next corner.

Chat Thai is one of the best Thai Restuarants in Sydney. Located on Level 6 of Sydney Westfields, just a few minutes walk from the Hilton.

For more great Thai Restaurants close to the Hilton Hotel, walk down Pitt Street 3 blocks to Sydney’s Thai Town. Walk out of the Hilton onto Pitt Street and turn right.

Thanon Khaosan Thai Restaurant is located within Sydney’s Thai Town. Just 10 minutes walk from the Hilton.

For some fast food, walk out the back entrance onto Pitt Street, turn right and a few minutes walk is Hungry Jacks and McDonalds. Walk out the front exit onto George Street, turn left and 2 blocks down is a KFC.

If you are looking for a late night drink, then directly below the Hilton Hotel, in the lower ground floor is Marble Bar, one of Sydney’s long standing unique bars.

Upstairs at the Hilton is Zeta Bar which has a lovely rooftop terrace.

Shopping close to the Sydney Hilton Hotel

If you walk out the front of the Hilton Hotel, onto George Street, you are directly across the road from the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) which has a huge selection of specialty stores.

If you walk out the back entrance onto Pitt Street, turn to your left, you are only 1 block away from Pitt Street Mall and the Sydney Westfields Shopping Centre.

Making a Reservation at Sydney Hilton Hotel

You can book a room directly on the Hilton Hotel Sydney Website.

You can also get deals on the Agoda Hotel booking website

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