My First Cruise with Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas

I have booked my first cruise ever! I have never been on a cruise. I was never interested in a cruise. How things change!

I have booked a 6 night cruise onboard the Ovation of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Leaving Sydney on 23rd December 2021, heading down to Eden on the south coast of New South Wales, then returning back to Sydney. I am going to be updating this page with my whole experience, from booking the trip, to when I am onboard, checking out all the activities onboard, the restaurants, the foods, my cabin and giving you my real opinions of the entire experience.

My first cruise on Royal Caribbean

Ovation of the Seas departing from Sydney

Come back soon as I’ll be updating this page with the full experience.

Studio Balcony Room on Ovation of the Seas

For this cruise, i treated myself to booking a Balcony Room. I like the idea of having the balcony to sit out in the mornings and afternoons to watch the views of the seas or while in port. Leaving and arriving back into Sydney Harbour will be special, so I’ll be out on my balcony, with a beer or a glass of wine, soaking in the majestic views of the best harbour in the world!

The Studio Balcony room is a smaller size than the standard Studio rooms. The Studio Balcony is 119m² compared with 198m² for the standard balcony room. The smaller size is fine for me as I am cruising solo so only need space for myself.

Buy a drinks package or not?

I still have a few weeks before my cruise and I am still undecided if I will buy a drinks package before I get onboard. I have read it is cheaper to buy the drink package before the cruise leaves. The all inclusive drinks package for this Australian Cruise will cost A$78.09 per day. So for a 6 night cruise, the drink package will cost me $468.54.

Now I think it will cost close to A$8 per beer onboard, So I need to drink at least 10 beers per day to break even on the drinks package. Throw in a coffee or 2 during the day and I know I will definitely save money on some days when I will be drinking alot but I am not sure if I will be drinking 10 beers everyday, for 6 days. I will be on holidays so maybe. I will probably have some glasses of wine with dinners and i’ll probably have a sneaky glass of scotch or a vodka lime and soda, which will all cost more than those A$8 beers, so i am thinking it will be worth it to buy the drinks package. Stay tuned! I am hoping they send some sale price for the drink package. If they do that I will definitely buy a package before the cruise.

Food Onboard the Ovation of the Seas

Food glorious food! This is one of the things I am really looking forward to. I will be on a diet until I get onboard this cruise, as I plan to lash out and try as much of the food onboard as possible.

Included in the cruise price is all the food I can eat at the 7 different restaurants – The Windjammer (buffet Breakfast and Lunch), Coastal Kitchen (lunch and dinner al a carte), Main Dinning Room (breakfast, lunch and dinner), The Café@Two70 (breakfast and lunch), Solarium Bistro (buffet Breakfast, lunch and dinner), Sorrento’s Pizza (lunch and dinner) and  the Dog House (Hot Dogs for lunch/dinner snacks).

I also want to try some of the specialty restaurants. I will cost more to dine at these but I will be on vacation and want some variety and do like the looks of these specialty restaurants, escpecially Izumi Japanese Restaurant, as well as Jamie’s Italian Restaurant.

Are you cruising on this Xmas Cruise on Royal Caribbean?

If anyone who reads this happens to be cruising on this same 6 night South Coast Christmas Cruise leaving Sydney on 23rd December 2021, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always up for a drinking friend or dinner partner. Contact me through the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

I will be making some Youtube videos for my channel NowGetThere Travel so would love a fellow foodie to help with the filming.

Scott from

Scott from

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