Pokemon Go – Now launched in Tokyo Japan

UPDATE – 22nd July 2016 – Pokemon Go now available in Japan.

It is official – Pokemon Go is now available in Japan with heaps of Pokemon to find in Tokyo!

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Check out the website Pokemon Go.


Even though the Pokemon characters were created in Japan, Pokemon Go has yet to be launched in Japan. I found the hard way by trying to find some Pokemon in Tokyo!

Pokemon Go No Pokemon in Tokyo

Pokemon Go No Pokemon in Tokyo

I am visiting Tokyo for a 3 week business trip. Loads of my friends were posting up pics of the Pokemon they had captured back in Sydney.  I was curious to check out this new mobile phone app so downloaded it on my phone.

I was sitting in a restaurant in my hotel in Shinjuku when I first started the Pokemon Go app. As soon as it started there was a Pokemon sitting on my table. The app encourages me to turn on my camera so I can see the real world pic rather than the augmented reality map which you spend most of your time in playing the game. As the camera fired up I could see the Pokemon (Squirtle) sitting on my bread plate. First Pokemon captured I went outside of the hotel determined to find more Pokemon. Nothing! Oh well I went to bed as I had alot of traveling around Tokyo next day.

Where to find Pokemon Go in Tokyo

Where to find Pokemon Go in Tokyo

I turned on the app on the way to work. Nothing! After work I turned it on back in Shinjuku. Nothing! I even went past the famous LOVE sign in Shinjuku. Nothing! Next day I went to Shinjuku Station where I was positive there would be Pokemon. Nothing!

After this I did a quick search on Google for ‘Where to find Pokemon in Tokyo’ and discovered that Pokemon Go had not been launch in Japan yet. Shame. It would have been really good to get a message when I started the game in Tokyo that there were no Pokemon in this city. After I caught the first Pokemon it displayed 1/250 so I presumed there were 250 more to be found around Tokyo.

Pokemon Go Tokyo Japan

Pokemon Go Tokyo Japan

Pokemon Go was not created by Nintendo which created the Pokemon Go. Infact Pokemon Go was created by a US software company called Niantic which used to be owned by Google. Check out there website Pokemon Go.

I read another article that Niantic are planning to launch Pokemon Go in 200 countries in the near future. I presume Japan will be one of these countries but not sure when. If I find out more I will update this post!

I am sure Pokemon Go will be a huge success in Japan once it is launched.

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