Royal Caribbean Cancel 2021-2022 Scheduled Cruises from Australia

Royal Caribbean have cancelled their scheduled cruises from Australia for the 2021/2022 season. I was booked on the Ovation of the Seas cruise leaving Sydney on 23rd December 2021 for a 6 night Xmas cruise down to Eden.

This morning I received the bad news from Royal Caribbean via email saying ‘A clear pathway for the return of cruising is yet to be established by the Australian Government. As a result, we’ve reviewed our Australia 2021-2022 season, and unfortunately, your cruise on Ovation of the Seas has been cancelled.’

My first cruise on Royal Caribbean

Ovation of the Seas departing from Sydney

Royal Caribbean are offering 3 different options for people already booked on a cruise.

Option 1 is a 125% cruise credit for the money I have paid to them so far. I have just paid a $200 deposit so will get a $250 credit to book a cruise in future.

Option 2: Move to a new sailing on the Australian 2022-2023 Season (Lift & Shift)

Option 3: Select a 100% Refund

Royal Caribbean have taken down all their cruises from Sydney and Brisbane, departing December 2021, January 2022, February 2022 and March 2022. They still have cruises scheduled starting from October 2022 which is the 2022/2023 cruise season in Australia.

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