Where to watch the A-League Soccer games in Jakarta

There are only a few sports bars in Jakarta that show the Australian A-League Soccer games live. Check out these sports bars where you can watch the A-League soccer games in Jakarta:

Aphrodite Sports Bar shows the A-League soccer games. With loads of TV screens around the bar to watch all the action. Aphrodite Sports Bar is located at Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 22 Jakarta.

We have contacted loads more bars in Jakarta to confirm if they show the A-League soccer games. Once they reply and confirm we’ll update this page.


Do you know any other sports bars in Jakarta that show the A-League soccer games? Post a comment below so others can read where to watch the A-League soccer games in Jakarta. If you own a bar Contact Us with the link in the top menu and let us know the details of your bar and we’ll update this page.

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