Where to watch the Australian Open Tennis in Bali

There are a few good sports bar where you can watch the Australian Open Tennis tournament matches live. The Australian Open is on from Monday 14th January 2019 until Sunday 27th January 2019.

Women’s Final Saturday 26th January 2019, starts 6.30pm Melbourne Time. Time in Bali will be 3.30pm.

Men’s Final Sunday 27th January 2019 starts 6.30pm Melbourne Time. Time in Bali will be 3.30pm.

Check out these bars where you can watch the Australian Open Tennis matches:

Adrenalin Sports Bar is one of the best Sports bars in Bali to watch live sports. With 13 large HD TV screens to watch all the action of the Australian Open Tennis. Adrenalin Sports Bar is located in Seminyak.

Piggy’s Bar on Poppies II Lane Kuta has been showing live sports in Kuta Bali for over 10 years. A great Aussie pub showing loads of Aussie sports including the Australian Open Tennis. Piggy’s also serves up a great range of Aussie food including Aussie burgers, sausage rolls and meat pies.

Y Sports Bar in Legian also shows all the tennis. With loads of large TV screens, including screens above the bar so you don’t miss any action while ordering your next drink.

Bamboo Bar and Grill is located close to Kuta Square. A great pub / restaurant which has confirmed they will be showing the Australian Open Tennis matches live.

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