Where to watch the Super Rugby games in Danang

There are a few good sports bars in Danang Vietnam which show the Super Rugby Games.

Where to watch Super Rugby

Where to watch Super Rugby

Check out the best sports bars in Danang which show the Super Rugby games:

Universal Pub is located right next to the river, in the heart of Danang business district. Universal Pub has multiple TV screens to watch all the Super League action. Check out the Universal Pub Facebook page.

Bamboo 2 Bar is a small sports bar right next to the river in the heart of Danang. They play all the popular sports including the Super League Games. You can even get a great Aussie For ‘n Twenty meat pie at Bamboo 2. Bamboo 2 is only a small bar inside so get in early to get a seat near the screens. Check out Bamboo 2 Bar website.

Vertigo Bar shows the Super League games live or on replay the next day. Vertigo Bar has mutliple TV screens to watch all the action. Vertigo Bar is located at 48 An Thuong 1, My An Ward Ngu Hanh Son, Danang. Check out the Vertigo Bar Facebook page.

Sports Bars in Hoi An – if you are also staying down in Hoi An, check out these sports bars in Hoi An that show the Super League games:

3 Dragons Sports Bar with 6 large TV screens, 3 Dragons shows all the Super League games. Check out the 3 Dragons Sports Bar website.

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