Should you travel to Bali – Mount Agung Eruptions

There is alot of news currently about Mount Agung in Bali erupting soon. Mount Agung is Bali’s largest volcano and in recent years it has seen a fair bit of volcanic activity. So is it safe to travel to Bali if Mount Agung is going to erupt?

The Mother Temple at Mount Agung volcano Bali

The Mother Temple at Mount Agung volcano Bali

The short answer is absolutely! Mount Agung is located in the far north east of Bali. From the main tourist towns of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua and even Sanur it takes over 2 hours to drive to Mount Agung. Any eruption at Mount Agung will not impact your holiday in the southern part of Bali. Kuta is 71 Kilometers from Mount Agung so there is no danger of the volcanic activity impacting that area.

The Indonesian government has set a 12 kilometer exclusion zone around Mount Agung incase it does erupt. That has seen the evacuation of around 62,000 people in the villages and towns in the exclusion zone.

With the increased volcanic activity has come increased earth tremors. There have been around 500 detected earth tremors around the Mount Agung area, though these have not been felt in the tourist areas in the south. If Mount Agung erupts it could cause larger earthquakes which could be felt in the tourist areas. Earthquakes are common in Bali. If there is an earthquake it is best you get outside, leave your hotel room just in case of sever damage to the buildings.

The biggest concern to your holiday plans if Mount Agung erupts is the interruption to flights in and out of Bali. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport is located just a few kilometers from Kuta. If there is an eruption and the winds are blowing to the south, then the smoke and ash that erupts from the volcano may make it dangerous for flights to take-off or land at the airport.

2 years ago flights in and out of Bali’s International airport were interrupted during the eruption of Mount Rinjani on the neighbouring island of Lombok.

Now if I was heading to Bali and my flight was cancelled that would really spoil my holiday. If I was in Bali waiting to come home and my flight was cancelled I would just enjoy more time in the ‘Island of the Gods’. It would be a really good excuse to phone work to say I had to extend my holiday!

So if you are thinking of taking a holiday to Bali, don’t let all the news about Mount Agung erupting change your mind.

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