Cheap Laundry on Soi 13 Sukhumvit Bangkok

If you are looking for a place to get your clothes washed on Soi 13 Sukhumvit Bangkok, there are a few laundry places here but my choice is Lak’s Bangkok Central Laundry and Salon. You can get your clothes washed or dry cleaned and you can also get a haircut here.

Lak's Bangkok Central Laundry Dry Clean Service Soi 13 Sukhumvit Bangkok

Lak’s Bangkok Central Laundry Dry Clean Service Soi 13 Sukhumvit Bangkok

To just have your clothes washed and folded (no iron service) they charge 120 Baht per kilo. I took in 6 t-shirts and 6 pair of boxer shorts which weighed 2kg, so just 240 baht (A$9.50). I dropped off at 11.30am and they said i could pick up tomorrow. I am sure if I dropped first thing in the morning i could gave collected same day.

I am sure you could find cheaper laundry service in Bangkok but this place was right down the Soi from the Hyatt Regency Hotel were I was staying. Less than 100 meters walk.

If I had got my laundry done at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, it would have cost me 200 Baht per t-shirt and 120 Baht per pair of underpants, so 6 of each would have cost 1120 Baht ($A44.20) a huge saving. More beer money in my pocket!

A haircut and a shave here will cost 200 Baht.

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