Sushi Restaurants Tokyo

Sushi is the number 1 food associated with Japan so it is no surprise there are loads of Sushi restaurants in Tokyo. It may be a surprise to know that sushi is not the most frequently eaten food in Japan. Most Japanese people eat sushi as a special treat or for special occasions though some people do eat it more regularly.

There are loads of sushi restaurants in Tokyo, even some that are open 24 hours a day. The best place to get sushi in Tokyo is at Tsukiji Fish markets for the freshest sushi you can find anywhere. There are also a range of cheaper sushi restaurants, up to incredibly expensive Sushi restaurants like Sukiyabashi Jiroo located in Ginza which can cost around US$300 per person for a set sushi course.

Here are a choice of sushi restaurants in Tokyo which are more reasonably priced: