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Delicious Pork Tonkatsu at Butagumi Restaurant Tokyo

Pork Belly Tonkatsu at Butagumi Restaurant Tokyo

One of the best Tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo is called Butagumi, located in the neighbourhood of Nishi-Azabu, not far from Roppongi. Butagumi’s specialty is the delicious Pork Tonkatsu, the breaded pork cutlets served with shredded cabbage, miso soup, rice and

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Sakura Cherry Blossom Night Time Viewing in Tokyo

Sakura Cherry Blossoms at night in Tokyo

One of the best places to view Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo at night time is at Chidorigafuchi Moat around the grounds of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. This spot is a famous spot to view Cherry Blossoms during the day,

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Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill Ginza Tokyo

Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill Ginza

Chronic Tacos is the place to come in Ginza Tokyo for some classic Mexican food like tacos, burritos and fajita. Chronic Tacos is a cheap and cheerful fast food restaurant serving up some cheap Mexican food, just a few minutes

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Bairin Tonkatsu Restaurant Ginza Tokyo

Tonkatsu set at Bairin Restaurant Ginza Tokyo

Tonkatsu lovers visiting Tokyo, you need to try Bairin Tonkatsu Restaurant in Ginza Tokyo. Bairin has been serving up the delicious pork cutlet Tonkatsu since 1927, so they have a bit of experience in how to prepare this delicious comfort

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Godzilla Statue in Tokyo

Godzilla Statue in Tokyo

In Hibiya Square, just a short walk from Hibiya Train Station in Tokyo is a large 3 meter tall Godzilla Statue. This the new Godzilla statue installed in 2018, replacing a much smaller statue that stood at this site for

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