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Sumatra An Awesome Backpacker Trail

Elephants at Tangkahan Sumatra

Sumatra Indonesia has had a well worn backpacker trail for more than 20 years. It is still one of the cheapest places on the planet to travel in and if you are prepared to travel rough, staying in basic accommodation,

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The Very Tip of Indonesia – Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh Sumatra Indonesia

Indonesia’s archipelago is a group of over 17,500 islands which are spread out over a distance of 1760 kilometers, starting with the large island of Sumatra in the west and ending at West Papua in the east. The most northern

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Wash an elephant in Sumatra Indonesia

Washing elephants at the river Tangkahan

There is a very tiny village located in North Sumatra Indonesia called Tangkahan. On one side of the village is the Gunung Leuser National Park, and on the other side are vast fields of palm oil plantations which had been tearing

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Maimoon Palace Medan Sumatra Indonesia

Maimoon Palace Medan Sumatra

Maimoon Palace (Istana Maimun) is one of the most interesting historical buildings in the heart of Medan in North Sumatra Indonesia. The Maimoon Palace was the residence of the Sultan of Deli who ruled over North Sumatra in the late

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Best Indian Restaurant in Medan – Cahaya Baru Indian Restaurant

Cahaya Baru Indian Restaurant Medan Sumatra

If you are looking for the best Indian restaurant in Medan, North Sumatra, then look no further than Cahaya Baru Indian Restaurant. This is my favourite Indian restaurant in Medan. I get in for dinner every time I visit Medan

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Jungle Trekking in Indonesia

Jungle Trekking Bukit Lawang Sumatra

Indonesia has some of the best jungle trekking in the world. The Indonesian archipelago straddles the equator so has a tropical climate and still has some of the best tropical rain forests in the world. When it comes to jungle

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Danau Toba International Hotel Medan Sumatra

Danau Toba International Hotel Medan

I’ve only stayed for 1 night at the Danau Toba International Hotel in Medan. The hotel self rates itself as a 5 star hotel. Although I enjoyed my stay and would not hestitate to stay there again I think it

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Real Forest People – Orangutan

Orangutan in North Sumatra Indonesia

Orangutans are my favourite animal. They are so much like people it is uncanny. Orangutans have 97% of the same DNA as humans so are some of our closest living relatives. The word orangutan comes from 2 Malay / Indonesian

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