Best Youtube Videos about Surfers Paradise Queensland

I have been visiting Surfers Paradise regularly for years now. Alot has changed and now coming out of the Pandemic, things are picking up and more visitors are returning to Surfers. So I been searching for some recent Youtube videos that show how things are now in Surfers Paradise Queensland. As I find good Youtube videos, I will share the links here:

Surfers Paradise market walk along the beach

A short walking video, walking along the Surfers Paradise Beach Esplanade during the weekend markets. Video goes for 3:57 and was posted to Youtube on 24th March 2022.

Walking down Orchid avenue surfers paradise

A 4 minute walking video, showing you Orchid Avenue Surfers Paradise. Video goes for 4 minutes 45 seconds, posted on 11th March 2022.

New Slingshot Surfers Paradise

This is a great short video posted on 1st March 2022 about what it is like to ride the Slingshot in Surfers Paradise

Live Webcam Surfers Paradise Gold Coast city centre

A live webcam stream from Surfers Paradise on 27th March 2022. Looking down on Caville Ave Light Rail Station.


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