Must Visit in Cairns – Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

Must Visit in Cairns – Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome
Koala at Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Park

Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome is a must visit tourist attraction in Cairns. This is a small, family run wildlife park located right on top of the Cairns Reef Casino, in the heart of Cairns. If you want to see some native Australia wildlife, then this is a great place to visit. The ‘Zoom’ in the name, refers to the rope, canopy obstacle course, which is a great activity for children or adults who are adventurous.

The dome on top of the Cairns Reef Casino is home to a selection of Australia wildlife including birds, reptiles and a selection of small Australian mammals / marsupials.

A ticket into the Wildlife park costs $26 for adults and $14 for children (4 – 14). Check the current prices on their website as they may have changed since this article was written. The ticket is valid for 3 days so you can go back anytime. I went to visit first thing in the morning, to beat the crowds, then went back the next afternoon to see the feeding of the most popular attraction, Goliath the massive salt water crocodile.

Throughout the day there are various feeding times for the different animals as well as the zoo keepers giving educational talks about some of their unique animals.

Cains Zoom and Wildlife Dome
The Reef Hotel Casino
35-41 Wharf Street
Cairns City


Check out the location of Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome in Cairns City

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