Free Filtered Water in Cairns City

Free Filtered Water in Cairns City
Free Filtered Water in Cairns

The tap water in Cairns is perfectly safe to drink, just like any Australia city but it is recommended if you do not live in Cairns, to drink bottled water. Cairns City Council has done an excellent job installing drinking fountains right through the Cairns City CBD area which dispense filtered water which is the safest water for visitors to drink.

It seems on almost every corner of the Cairns City CBD you will find these drinking fountains which you can easily refill your drinking bottle. This provides safe drinking water as well as reducing the number of plastic bottles used and most importantly, saves you money.

Check out the website which has a map of where to find the Filtered Water taps all through Cairns City. If you walk down the Esplanade in Cairns, every few hundred meters you will find one!

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