Where to watch A-League Soccer Games in Hong Kong

There are a few good sports bars in Hong Kong that show the Australian A-League soccer matches live. Check out these sports bars in Hong Kong where you can watch the A-League soccer games:

The Trafalgar British Pub shows the A-League games live. With multiple screens and 2 large 120″ projector screens showing loads of sports. The Trafalgar British Pub is located at 54-62 Lockhart Road The Broadway Wanchai Hong Kong. Check out the Trafalgar Facebook page for a list of the live sports this week.

Spin Bar also shows the A-League soccer matches live. Spin Bar as 3 large LCD screens for watching loads of live sports. Spin Bar has free WiFi internet access. Spin Bar is located at 104 Jaffe Road, Wanchai. Check out the Spin Bar Facebook page for a list of sports.

Bar 109 located on Lockhart Rd in Wanchai Hong Kong shows the A-League soccer matches. One of the best sports bars in Hong Kong for watching live sports. Bar 109 is open 24 hours a day on the weekends.


Do you know any other sports bars in Hong Kong that shows the A-League soccer games? Leave a comment below or Contact Us with the link in the top menu. Let other people know where to watch the A-League soccer games in Hong Kong.