Where to watch EPL English Premier League games in Hanoi

There are a some great sports bars in Hanoi Vietnam that show the EPL English Premier Leagues and the Champions League games live and on replay next day.

Where to watch EPL games

Where to watch EPL games

Check out the best sports bars in Hanoi that show the EPL English Premier League games:

Puku Cafe show all the EPL games Puku Cafe is located at 16 – 18 Tong Duy Tan Hoan Kiem District Hanoi.

O’Leary’s Pub show all major sporting events including the EPL English Premier league games. O’Leary’s is located at 38 Ba Trieu Hanoi.

Do you know any other bars in Hanoi which show the EPL games? Post a comment below so others can read where to watch the NRL in Hanoi.

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