Where to watch the Soccer Football World Cup Qualifiers in Bali

There are plenty of good sports bars in Bali showing the Soccer Football World Cup Qualifier matches.

Check out where to watch the World Cup Qualifier matches in Bali.

Next World Cup Qualifier Matches:

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Japan v Saudi Arabia kick off time in Bali @ 6.35pm
South Korea v Uzbekistan kick off time in Bali @ 7.00pm
Thailand vs Australia kick off time in Bali @ 8pm

Bars in Bali to watch the World Cup Qualifiers:

Piggy’s Bar on Poppies Lane II Kuta is one of the best bars in Bali to watch live sports including all the Soccer World Cup Qualifiers. With loads of large TV screens and they serve some great food like Aussie Burgers, Meat Pies and Sausage rolls.

Lucky Day Bar has confirmed they will be showing the Soccer World Cup Qualifier between Australia and Thailand. Beginning at 7.30pm with kick off at 8pm. Lucky Day bar is located in Seminyak.


We have contacted more bars to confirm if they will be showing the World Cup Qualifiers. As they confirm we’ll upate this page.

Do you know any other bars in Bali that show the World Cup Qualifier matches? Post a comment below so others can read where to wach the World Cup Qualifiers in Bali.

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