Where to watch EPL English Premier Leagues games in Bangkok

There are loads of great sports bars and pubs in Bangkok which show the EPL English Premier League football games live. Depending on the times of the games, some matches may be on replay, played the next morning. Check the opening times of the below sports bars and pubs.

Check out these bars and pubs that show the EPL games in Bangkok:

Red Lion British Pub show the EPL games live. They have 6 large TV screens as well as a large projector screen. They open from 9am on Sunday. They also got a good selection of British pub food as well as Thai Food. The Red Lion is located on Soi 13 Sukhumvit Bangkok, just a few minutes walk from Nana BTS Station.

The Sportsman Bar show the EPL English Premier games on their 8 huge projector screens and 26 large TV Screens. The Sportsman Bar is located on Soi 13.

The Game Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit Road right next to Nana BTS Station. They have 10 large TV screens and a large projector screen in the main bar area. Showing the EPL football games. The Game Sports Bar is open until 2am.

Viva Sports Bar on Soi 8 Sukhumvit are show the EPL matches. Soi 8 is located on the other side of Sukhumvit Road, directly across from Soi 11, close to Nana BTS station.

Chequers British Pub on Soi 4 Sukhumvit will be showing the EPL games.

Old German Beer House on Soi 13 show the EPL games. Located just down from the Hyatt Regency Hotel Sukhumvit.