Disappointing Banh Mi from Roll’d Vietnamese Food Sydney CBD

Roll’d Vietnamese Food chain opened a new store within the Westpac Place Food Court on Kent Street in the Sydney CBD in late 2019. I had visited in October 2019 to try their Banh Mi Vietnamese bread rolls and came away very disappointed.

Roll'd Vietnamese Sydney CBD

Roll’d Vietnamese Sydney CBD

As you will see in this first photo, the bread roll that they used on my first visit was a very plain, soft white bread roll. Nothing like the delightful crispy white bread rolls that Banh Mi are famous for. While the contents of the bread roll had all the flavours you would expect from a traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi, the whole eating experience was spoiled by this boring, soft bread roll.

Banh Mi at Roll'd Vietnamese Westpac Place Sydney

Banh Mi at Roll’d Vietnamese Westpac Place Sydney

I went back to give them a 2nd chance as I thought maybe they could have improved. 2nd round of eating their Banh Mi and there definitely was improvement from the first visit. When I opened the Banh Mi, the bread roll looked different. It was still warm as though it had just come out of the oven. It was crispy with flakes of the bread falling off. But this flakiness was very short lived. Strangely, not long after I started eating it, as the bread cooled, the crispy outer shell stopped being crispy and just became a very boring soft bread roll!

Banh Mi at Roll'd Vietnamese Sydney CBD

Banh Mi at Roll’d Vietnamese Sydney CBD

Also on this 2nd try, the fillings were disappointing as well. The first couple of bites I could taste all the complex flavours that you get in a Banh Mi. But after the first couple of bites, I noticed that this sandwich was overloaded with carrot which dominated the flavor. Their BBQ chicken was very soggy and didn’t have any special flavor to it. So overall a very ordinary Banh mi!

Inside the Banh Mi at Roll'd Vietnamese

Inside the Banh Mi at Roll’d Vietnamese

I have been in search of the best Banh Mi in Sydney CBD but sadly as I cannot recommend this Banh Mi, this cannot make it to the Best list! And the prices are up at the very expensive scale. Why pay $9.50 for a Banh Mi when you can walk a little further over to Hunter Connection and get a delicious Banh Mi for $6.

Fresh spring rolls at Roll'd Vietnamese

Fresh spring rolls at Roll’d Vietnamese

As well as the Banh Mi bread rolls, Roll’d also sell Pho noodle soups, Banh Bao and have a good selection of different types of fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. While I didn’t enjoy their Banh Mi, I will go back to try their other Vietnamese food, especially their Pho noodle soup! Let’s see if their soup can make it to the Best Pho Noodle Soup in Sydney!

Vietnamese fresh rolls at Roll'd Vietnamese Sydney

Vietnamese fresh rolls at Roll’d Vietnamese Sydney

Roll’d Vietnamese Food
Westpac Place Food Court
283-285 Kent St
Sydney CBD

Open Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday

Website: https://www.rolld.com.au/

Check out the location of the Westpac Place Food Court in Sydney CBD close to Wynyard Train Station

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