Fine Dining in Darwin at PepperBerry Restaurant

Fine Dining in Darwin at PepperBerry Restaurant
Miso Tempura Crocodile at Pepperberry Restaurant Darwin

PepperBerry Restaurant is an award winning restaurant located inside the Hilton Hotel Darwin on Mitchell Street in the city centre. This is a fine dining restaurant serving unique Australian cuisine. In 2021 PepperBerry won the Gold Plate award for Hotel Restaurant of the Year award. I went in for dinner on my recent visit to Darwin and had an awesome 3 course meal, one of the best meals I have had in a long time!

I am usually sceptical about Hotel Restaurants. I usually get out of the hotel and try local restaurants throughout the city but I had read a number of great reviews about PepperBerry so decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did! Excellent food and service.

I had a lovely greeting by a number of the staff as I walked in. They presented me with the menu. As I was checking out all the food, they brough over a complimentary Sour Dough bread with olive oil and a small pile of herbs and spices which was delightful to dip the bread into after a dab of the olive oil.

The menu had so many great options. There was not much on the menu I would not have ordered. I decided to go for a very unique Australian delicacy for my starter, the Miso Tempura Crocodile ($23) served with a Mango and Green Chilli sauce, edamame and radish. I had eaten crocodile a few times before and I really like it. It is a bit like firm chicken. This dish at Peppertree was stunning. The lightly battered and fried crocodile was so yummy on it’s own, dip it in the Mango and Green Chilli sauce and WOW. You could taste both the Mango and the Green Chilli, though the Chilli was not overly hot, just a light spicy bite to it. An excellent Aussie dish! Love it.

Check out the Start Menu at PepperBerry. The menu does change regularly but you will get an idea of the type of food that is served here.

For my main meal I had the Black Angus Scotch fillet ($48) cooked medium, served with a medley of root vegetables (potato, sweet potate and leek). The steak was delicious! Cooked to perfection. So juicy and a real delight to eat as it was. I did get a Green Pepper Sauce with it which knocked up the flavour level of this steak to STUNNING! 2 course and tops marks!

Check out the Main Meal Menu and the Steak Menu at PepperBerry:

Dessert was a tough decision as everything on the menu sounded delicious. I thought about going for the Chocolate Mousse Mud Cake but decided to go with the Mess of Wattle Seed Meringue, Lemon Myrtle Curd and Macedamia caramel, berries and cream. Think Eton Mess but Aussie style. This was nice and sweet but just lacking in the caramel and cream so was a bit dry eating the large quantity of meringue. Still a tasty dish but think I would have enjoyed the Chocolate Mousse better.

See the full Dessert Menu at PepperBerry Restaurant:

Also check out the Wine by the Glass Menu

Check out the location of PepperBerry Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel Darwin