Where to watch NFL American Football in Tokyo

There are plenty of bars where you can watch live NFL American Football leagues games in Tokyo.

NFL regular season runs from 7th September 2018 through to 31st December 2018. The NFL playoffs are in January 2019.

The NFL Super Bowl is on Sunday 2nd February 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida USA.

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Kick off time in Tokyo will be 8.30am Monday 3rd February 2020.

Check out these bars where you can watch NFL American Football in Tokyo:

Hooters – cold beer, chicken wings, burgers, football and Hooter girls – it doesn’t get better than this in Tokyo! Hooters has 4 locations in Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akasaka and Ginza. Hooters plays loads of the NFL games live. There venues have heaps of large screen TVs and there may be multiple games being played.

Legends Sports Bar is one of the best sports bars in Tokyo showing loads of live sports on their large TV screens. Legends shows the NFL live and also show replays in prime time drinking times.

Tokyo Sports Cafe in Roppongi also shows loads of NFL games on their large TV screens.


We have contacts lots of other pubs and bars in Tokyo to confirm if they show the NFL American football. Once we confirm we will update this page.

Do you know any other bars in Tokyo which show the NFL games? Post a comment below so others can read where to watch the NFL games in Tokyo.

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One comment on “Where to watch NFL American Football in Tokyo
  1. satomikiti says:

    for the past few years i was joining http://www.superbowl.tokyo (or http://www.tokyoparty.org/party.php?p=superbowl&lang=en )

    they always have alot of people, huge space and great sound & video systems
    it is only 1000yen admission and they even offer all-you-can-drink 😉

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