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Danau Toba International Hotel Medan Sumatra

Danau Toba International Hotel Medan

I’ve only stayed for 1 night at the Danau Toba International Hotel in Medan. The hotel self rates itself as a 5 star hotel. Although I enjoyed my stay and would not hestitate to stay there again I think it

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Real Forest People – Orangutan

Orangutan in North Sumatra Indonesia

Orangutans are my favourite animal. They are so much like people it is uncanny. Orangutans have 97% of the same DNA as humans so are some of our closest living relatives. The word orangutan comes from 2 Malay / Indonesian

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Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta Indonesia

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta Indonesia

I had visited Jakarta many times and had always stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Central Jakarta. As a diamond member I always great service at any of the Hyatt properties though my last stay in felt the rooms

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Long nose monkeys Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

There is only 1 island in the world where you can see these strange looking, long nose monkeys and that is on the island of Borneo. The island of Borneo has been separated from any mainland for millions of years

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Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali Indonesia

Beach front resort Bali Grand Hyatt

I have had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nusa Dua a few times and will definitely return as it is one of the best beach resorts I have stayed, not just in Bali but across

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Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise Gold Coast Queensland

Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise

The Hilton Hotel opened up in Surfers Paradise in 2011 and has quickly become one of the most popular luxury hotels on the Gold Coast. You can not get a better location, right in the heart of Surfers Paradise, just

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