Nandaimon Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken in Shin-Okubo Tokyo

Nandaimon Chicken is a Korean restaurant in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo’s Korean Town, which specialises in Korean Fried Chicken.

Korean Fried Chicken at Nandaimon Chicken Shin-Okubo

Korean Fried Chicken at Nandaimon Chicken Shin-Okubo

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I actually went to Korea Town Tokyo in Shin-Okubo for some Korean BBQ. As I was walking down the main street of Shin-Okubo I noticed the pictures of the fried chicken at Nandaimon Chicken and quickly changed my mind and decided to sit down to some delicious Korean Fried Chicken and a few beers.

Nandaimon is only small restaurant, just like most restaurants in Tokyo. There are about 8 tables that fit 4 people and there is also a long counter which fits around 5 people just as you walk in the door at Nandaimon.

Inside Nandaimon Chicken Tokyo

Inside Nandaimon Chicken Tokyo

There are a few different types of Korean Fried Chicken at Nandaimon. There is the standard fried chicken as well as 2 differents types of spicy fried chicken – the Yangnyum Chicken and the Ganjang Chicken. They are served in Medium size (8 pieces of chicken), Large size (16 pieces of chicken) or the Extra Large size (24 peices of chicken).

I ordered 1 medium plate of the standard Korean Fried Chicken and also 1 medium plate of the Ganjang spicy chicken. I was actually expecting the chicken pieces to be quite small but that was not the case so I ended up only eating half of what I ordered and took the remainder take-out.

Ganjang Chicken at Nadaimon Chikcen Tokyo

Ganjang Chicken at Nadaimon Chikcen Tokyo

My verdict on this Korean fried chicken -Awesome! The Ganjang Chicken was my favourite, just a slight tangy spicy flavour which was not too spicy.

The standard fried chicken was delicious also. They brought out a dish of 3 sauces to dip the chicken in. Standard salt, a really nice sweet mustard sauce (my favourite dipping sauce) and a nice sweet chilli sauce. The Ganjang chicken didn’t need any extra dipping sauce.

Dipping sauces for the chicken

Dipping sauces for the chicken

It easy to get to Nandaimon Chicken in Shin-Okubo. From Shinjuku Train Station catch a train on the Yamanote Line (Platform 15) and get off at the next station which is Shin-Okubo Station. There is only one exit at Shin-Okubo. Once you exit the station turn to your right and walk down the main street of Shin-Okubo, Okubo Dori Ave. You will find Nandaimon around 350 meters down this street on the right hand side.

Nandaimon also have Take-away meals.

Nandaimon Chicken Shin-Okubo Tokyo

Nandaimon Chicken Shin-Okubo Tokyo

Nandaimon Chicken
Okubo Dori Ave
Shin-Okubo – Korean Town
Shinjuku Tokyo
Ph: (03) 6457 3479

Website: (Japanese website)

Open 7 days a week from 11am till late

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