Fine Dining Steak Restaurant in Sanur at Fire Fox

Fine Dining Steak Restaurant in Sanur at Fire Fox
Tenderloin Steak at Fire Fox Restaurant Sanur

Fire Fox is a high class, fine dining steak house, located within the Andaz Bali Resort in Sanur. This restaurant is not cheap! The cheapest steak is 780,000Rp which is around A$75 so if you go in and have a few drinks and a steak then you are looking at over A$100 per person for meal. If you got the cash, then I highly recommend it.

All the steaks at Fire Fox are imported from Australia, all Australian Pure Black grass fed Angus beef MS5+ which means it has excellent fat marbling through the meat which makes it extra tasty!

I was staying at Andaz Resort in July 2022 and went in to try the meat at this high class steak restaurant. My friend and I shared 1 Tenderloin steak 200 grams which cost 1,200,000Rp, that is close to $120 for a steak! That is more expensive than Sydney prices but the steak was DELICIOUS! Such an excellent cut of meat and cooked to perfection.

We also shared the Whiskey BBQ Pork Ribs 500 grams at 300,000 Rp (almost A$30). These were delicious. Nice soft pork meat which fell off the bone. The Whiskey BBQ glazed made the ribs nice and sticky, a little bit sweet but not too much to spoil the succulent pork meat.

Each order of the main menu comes with a set of Foxy Side Dishes which loaded up our table with dishes like Broccoli salad, Potato salad, Korean kimchi, egg salad and a big bowl of rice (unsual to get rice at a steak restaurant but TII – This Is Indonesia!). The 8 side dishes made this a big meal. We couldn’t finish all the side dishes and were full at the end of the meal so didn’t try dessert.

They also brough out an appertizer complimentary, of a Egg Custard which was supposed to contain crab meat but we could not taste or detect any crab meat in this. Just a nice silky egg custard.

So Cheap Charlies stay away. With quite a few beers, I think I paid close to A$250 for a meal for 2! That could have bought us more than 10 meals at a local Balinese Restaurant but we did thoroughly enjoy the excellent steak here at Fire Fox.

See the menu as of July 2022. I would say they change their menu throughout the year but gives you an indication of the food available, which is just steak, ribs and chicken.

Fire Fox Restaurant
Andaz Bali Resort
Jalan Danau Tamblingan No.89a

Website: Fire Fox at Andaz Bali Resort

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