Joe’s Shanghai Chinese Restarant Ginza Tokyo

Joe’s Shanghai Chinese Restarant Ginza Tokyo
Joe's Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Ginza Tokyo

If you are looking for some of the best Chinese food in Tokyo then head straight to Joe’s Shanghai New York Chinese Restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Joe's Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Ginza
Joe’s Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Ginza Tokyo

Joe’s Shanghai is New York chic meets Shanghai great food. The restaurant would not look out of place in high end suburb of New York with a New York chic style like from the 1930’s. The food is definitely Chinese, no doubt about that, with a huge kitchen with glass window so you can see inside and see all the action in the kitchen.

There are a number of dishes at Joe’s Shanghai that are a must try. The grilled pork belly is just the best, grilled with a crispy crackling skin and succulent meat with loads of flavour.

There are plenty of dishes to choose from including seafood, pork, chicken, a good variety of vegetable and tofu dishes as well as rice and noodle dishes. From the seafood menu you can try dishes like stir fried plump prawns with Szechuan hot and spicy sauce or the crisp and crunchy steamed whole abalone. There are a few dim sum items on the menu including steamed pork dumplings, Joe’s famous crab meat soup dumplings and steam shrimp dumplings.

Chicken dish at Joe's Shanghai Tokyo
Chicken dish at Joe’s Shanghai Tokyo

And then there is the chefs specialty – the soup dumplings. You cannot come to this restaurant with trying the soup dumplings which are commonly found in Shanghai China. The soup dumplings are small dumplings with either pork, shrimp or seafood and filled with a tasty broth soup which adds a whole new dimension to your standard dumplings. Careful not to throw a dumpling straight in your mouth as soon as they get to the table, the soup inside is extremely hot.

Soup Dumplings at Joe's Shanghai
Soup Dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant

Joe’s Shanghai is located at 1−9−13 Ginza Tokyo. Open everyday for lunch from 11.30am to 3pm and dinner 5pm – 9pm. Check out Joe’s website for more details on how to get the Ginza restaurant. Joe’s also has another restaurant at Ikebukuro Tokyo.

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Inside Joe's Shanghai New York Restaurant

Inside Joe’s Shanghai New York Restaurant Ginza